Our mission is to form good soccer players, teams and coaches within our club, as well as good citizens in the community with aspirations of achieving individual and collective goals. As our motto says, “in live and on the field.”


Official Soccer School Rayados Yuba City, FC
2088 N Beale Rd,
Marysville, CA 95901

Vision Statement

Growth and development in players to be in the highest level of competition.

Core Values

Commitment – We align all our efforts and resources towards the achievement of the maximum sporting and social objectives of our school.

Respect – We respect the rival, the laws, and the regulations; we play clean on the field.

Discipline – We recognize that discipline and maximum effort are indispensable for the achievement of our goals.

Teamwork -We seek unity, solidarity, and teamwork in life and on the soccer field.

Integrity – We respect ethical principles and sports and citizen integrity.

Responsibility – We fulfill our commitments and assume the consequences of our actions.